Manual and CMM Inspection Fixtures

We at Taylor Design Engineering, take pride in designing high quality fixtures within budget and to a high industry standard, keeping the customer informed of progress at all times.

We can advise on the type of fixture required to fulfil your inspection requirements and supply various types of fixtures from full form gap and flush fixtures (fixtures with machined form blocks which mimic the component or mating condition, so various manual checks can be carried out with Go / No go gauges), to holding fixtures designed to locate and clamp the product in an agreed position for a CMM machine to inspect it, and issue a report. We have also supplied fixtures with digital gauges that reflect dimensional checks as well.

A datum strategy will be discussed and agreed pre-design so that the part is located and clamped to ensure the accuracy of location.


The fixtures will be designed to a high automotive standard or to your company’s own standard. Where possible we use our own standard parts, but would incorporate any parts you have in your company standards.

The fixture will be designed to interact with any facility it needs to (locations for CMM Machine) and be manufactured and inspected to a tight tolerance, and an inspection report issued.

See our gallery of CMM Fixtures.