CNC Holding Fixtures

We at Taylor Design Engineering, take pride in designing good quality fixtures within budget to a high industry standard, keeping the customer informed of progress at all times.

We can advise on the process plan to determine the number of fixtures and operations required to meet your requirements.

A datum strategy will be discussed and agreed pre-design so that the part is located and clamped to ensure the accuracy of machining required, or to ensure the component designers start features are used.

The fixture will be designed taking into account the machining process required, type of machine, position for machining access, and ability to load / unload.

The fixtures will be designed to a high automotive standard or to your company’s own standard. Where possible we use our own standard parts, but would incorporate any parts you have in your company standards.

These fixtures tend not to be shim able but manufactured to a tolerance that’s allows easy use, and repeatable accuracy.

See our gallery of CNC Holding Fixtures.